Queer Writers

This Shirt

  He didn’t remember where it had come from. It was possible that it had been mixed with his at the cleaners and returned with his laundry. Maybe it belonged to an ex, left behind after a breakup, although he couldn’t remember ever seeing it on anyone he’d dated or tricked with. What he did […]

Ceded Life

Ceded Life …for Chris Rocks emerge at water’s edge. Annals scoring winds, Searing days, tumultuous seas. History sculpted crags. Seasons pass, regress Ocean waves chisel, Undulate, swell, surge. Lapsed time fades. Cold and heat chip change. Each spell transforms, amends. Differences appear, subtle; Extreme over eons. Lives the same lived. If deeper delved, still Fight […]

Back in the Closet

I knew it wasn’t a good idea. I knew it wasn’t the right thing to do. But, I did it anyway. I missed him. I had the key. I was just walking by his building and thought about the key, that worn metal riding around in the front pocket of my backpack. When I saw […]

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